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Bizness’ BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System lets you set up recurring posts that work automatically. One post can be sent to all your WordPress sites – up to 10 Blog Sites!  Select the Google Translate option to auto translate your post to a different language for your non-English WordPress sites!

You can sign up today on this link which includes a free WordPress Blog and a free domain you choose. Select a sign up link in the chart which shows you the prices on this page:

Your web private account we give you after sign up has features like auto posting the same post to more than 1 of your blog sites at set intervals like: yearly.   Blog Automation Means No Cut and Pasting. Control all posts from 1 web application that you can access anywhere in the world.

Bizness Inc.’s Blog Automation Web Application is your solution to save tons of time, control your posts and even refire the same post content months later to save you retyping. You can even post to 1 or multiple posting categories on your WordPress Blog Site. The only prequiresite is a WordPress Blog site and Bizness Inc can help you set that up and host that site for you as you.

Stay tuned as we will be giving you lots of information in the coming posts and pages as no one is offering Blog Post Administration like this.

For more information on our main web site, click on Bizness Inc. World Class designers of Web Software Solutions as we have been providing leading edge solutions since 1994.

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