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System Prerequisites

Prerequisites for BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System


We can host and install a new blog site for you as there will be no prerequisite checking since the site is new and is supported on all the version mentioned below. We have many solutions so click on this link: Auto Blogging Solutions

You can sign up today on this link which includes a free WordPress Blog and a free domain you choose. Select a sign up link in the chart which shows you the prices on this page:

If you already have a WordPress blog site in place and want to use Bizness Inc.’s Blog Automation Web Software, here is some prerequisite info to check:

Bizness Inc.’s Blog Automation Software gives you your own private web account and runs on any current web browser. It can interface to all yourWordPress blog sites. Here are the following prerequisites for Bizness Inc.’s Blog Automation Web Software to communicate with a WordPress Blog site as you know WordPress blog sites use mySQL and PHP.

The current versions of these 3 mentioned above are all greater than these so setting up a new wordpress blog site is no problem and we can help you. We have many solutions so click on this linkAuto Blogging Solutions

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